Monday, April 21, 2008

All Things Made with Italian Love - Etsy Treasury

I finally got a treasury spot on Etsy!!!!
You can check out my list here at this link.... All Things Made With Italian Love

I love Italy and all things Italian so I just could not wait to get a treasury listing where I could list a few of my favorite items. There are a few other things that I was not able to post due to space limitations such as some of my favorite photographs of Italy, but I have "hearted" those items in my shop. As well as my favorite scent Promegrante soap, candles and wood fruit.

Please come and enjoy ! Somebody already ate the Tiramisu so I could not include that in my list !!!

Amy Lucid Jewelry Designs

Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Interview and Feature on Kelly Malouf's Blog

Hello Everyone !!!

I am being featured on another bloggers page who features Etsy Artists. Please visit this link to see my interview and to get to know me better. Kelly Malouf features other Etsy Artisans on her blog to help promote other artists ! Thanks Kelly !

I have been working hard in my "free time" away from my full time job to promote my jewelry and it has consumed most of that time and I have not spent as much time as I would like in actually designing and creating jewelry, but I hope to get several pieces completed this weekend and listed on my Etsy store. I will also offer a "tax time" discount of 10% to anyone who mentions this discount if they purchase from my store. I found this to be fitting since I have to pay taxes this year since my employer did not take out enough !!!

Please visit this page often as I will be trying to post more often and will also offer special offers and discounts for people who read my page.

Thanks and have a great weekend !

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Jewelry

Hello, Thank you for visiting my blog. I am making an effort to post more often and let you know more of my jewelry inspirations, when I will be adding more jewelry to my etsy store, and just get more feedback from you. Please participate in the poll on my page, I am wanting to know what types of jewelry designs you are interested in buying.

Most of the growth of my business comes from friends and co-workers who want me to make a specific piece of jewelry for them or as a gift for someone else. I enjoy the creative challenge in designing a piece of jewelry that meets or exceeds the expectations that they have.

Most of my inspirations come from colors, designs, and nature around me and the seasons in nature. I also often make a piece of jewelry that will complement and display the pattern and style of an outfit.

I am also expanding my jewelry for sale to include more men's jewelry and earrings and bracelets. I will be adding to my etsy store this weekend. I am taking some time off this week from my full time job to get some jewelry made.

Some of my favorite colors for spring are combinations of blues and greens and also combinations of peach, orange and coral. But I also like yellows, and greens with brown for spring. And I especially like incorporating pearls, shells, wood for spring jewelry. I am very much interested in knowing what you would like to see in terms of colors and materials for your spring jewelry. Please participate in my poll and/or send me a note.

You can also visit me on Indiepublic for more information on me and for networking with fellow artists and designers. The link is on the side of the page. Thanks for visiting and please come back soon.