Saturday, February 9, 2008

What Types of Material Would You Like to See in the Jewelry That You Purchase?

Hello ! ~~~ Sunday, February 24th, 2008
I have added a more comprehensive poll with more selections to find out what materials both men and women like when they look for jewelry to purchase. Many of us have different types for different outfits and moods, but some types are always favorite pieces of jewelry that we like to wear. I am interested in finding out what types you are interested in purchasing but just are not finding in the general market? I enjoy mixing a variety of materials as well as making items unique, but I also like the simplicity sometmes of just a combination of leather with sterling silver.

Please let me know what you are interested in seeing and purchasing. The poll is a little further down on this page and will run at least until the end of March. Thanks again !

Please do not forget to visit my Esty shop at as I will be adding new jewelry items very soon! The link can be found on the side bar of this page or by clicking on this post title.

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Anonymous said...

Most of my favorite jewelry is made of shell... I prefer things with a natural look. Saw your post on Etsy about increasing blog traffic, so I thought I'd day hi. Hi!

You can view mine: