Saturday, April 4, 2009

Men's Jewelry Survey & Gift Certificate Award

I am announcing a new men's jewelry survey where I would like to get the men opinion on the types of jewelry that they would buy and wear. The majority of my customers are those that purchase jewelry for men and I would like to know what they are most interested in the materials that I use to make my men's jewelry. I typically use the following combinations: one or two gemstone mixed with natural materials such as horn, shell and wood, two or three gemstones by themselves, wood with copper or other metals, silver with gemstones, or sterling or hill tribe silver with leather.

I enjoy coming up with unique designs that you will not find anywhere else but am also interested in what the male consumer would buy. This is where i am going to focus my jewelry designs. I also find that unique materials used in simple design also seems to appeal to some male customers, but I have also sold pieces that used several various gemstones, wood and copper that were used in a unique design that have sold as well. I am very excited about that as it does show that some are interested in my more unique designs !

This is why I would like your feedback and have created a survey in the right hand side of my blog. I am also offering a $5 gift certificate in a drawing for anyone that votes and sends me an email confirmation of their vote. I will pick a winner on the dates below for this gift certificate, after I have started receiving emails on my etsy site. The link to Lucid Jewelry Designs Etsy site is in the header of this post and below.

I encourage you to visit my etsy jewelry site to see some of the jewelry creations that are currently for sale and let me know which ones you like the best.

The first gift certificate drawing will take place as soon as I receive 5 emails from individuals that have voted and sent me an email to or to my Etsy account. A drawing will be done for each additional five to ten entrys that I receive for a $ 5 gift certificate ( discount ) in my shop. The discounts may NOT be used with any other offer or sale price.

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