Saturday, May 31, 2008

I am on Vacation !!!!

Today is the first day of my vacation and I am excited to be able to spend more time working on my jewelry and will also be trying to post here more this coming week. I will be adding new earrings and new mens jewelry to my etsy shop over the next week. I am going to be concentrating on expanding the variety of items in my shop and will be adding in both the men and womens jewelry. I have a Father's Day showcase booked for June 7th which I will be preparing for.

I still have my poll running at the bottom of the page on the types of materials and jewelry that you prefer. Please vote and let me know what types of jewelry you would like to see in my shop. Please also feel free to contact me with suggestions, comments and custom made orders.

I have also been added to the Etsy Shop Directory for which you can find a link on the side of my page here. I also had the pleasure of being featured in a couple of Treasuries this past week ! Thanks LemonVerbena for including me !

Please also check out some of my other new links including Mu-Yin Jewelry who I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with this past weekend. She has some great links and information on her blog as well.

Have a great weekend and please check back I will be posting some pictures as well of the new pieces.


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