Monday, June 2, 2008

I Am Featured In Two Treasuries This Week !

I am so happy to be included in two treasuries in the same week !!! My sodalite, pearl and moonstone necklace has been included in the treasury at this link...Beautiful Blues until Thursday at 1:45 PM I also have a screen shot below. Thanks Emotional Oasis for including me in your beautiful blues treasury !

My carnelian and cooper and red agate necklace was also included in this treasury
A Hive Full Of Honey for a limited time until Wednesday at 3:00 PM when it will expire. I have also included a screen shot below. Thanks Beadstyln for including me in your beautiful amber/orange treasury !

I also have a treasury of my own that I created this week. I got the inspiration for this treasury from a dream that I had about a year or two ago that has left me wondering hhhmmm...? premonition ? or just a dream ? Anyone who knows me know that I love all things Italian, food, wine, coffee, culture, gardens, the landscape and many more. Any way it is also a sort of virtual vacation for me this week !

Have a beautifully artful and inspirationally creative day !


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